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Building Automation Systems (BAS) is a combination of inter-connected hardware, software and HVAC components that allows centralized monitoring and management in commercial buildings. At Burkholder’s HVAC we install and service building automation systems from several manufacturers for any size application.

Whether you are building a new structure and want the latest innovations in HVAC or are renovating an existing building and need to replace outdated systems, a building automation and control system is a great choice. There are many acronyms for these types of system such as:

BAS – Building Automation Systems
BACS – Building Automation and Control Systems
BCS – Building Control Systems
BMS – Building Management Systems
DDC – Direct Digital Control, the communication system used for components to communicate
EMS – Energy Management System, a BACS with an emphasis on energy management

The list goes on and on. Most importantly, these systems allow you to control and monitor components like Heat Pumps, Roof Top Units, Air Handlers, VAV boxes, Fan Coil units, Boilers, Chillers and more. Saving energy is even easier with features like automated lighting control and power monitoring.

Building Automation and Control Systems have changed over the years from pneumatic (air-based) to electronic, using digital control devices (DDC). Most recently, standards have been put in place to provide communication between devices from various manufacturers using the BACnet protocol developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Burkholder’s HVAC can help you save time, money and energy with a BACS solution. We will even provide service on your current BACS even if we did not install it!

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