Clean Room HVAC Systems

Integrated Clean Air systems

Airborne contaminants are harmful in many working environments and must be removed for the well being of the production process and the workers. Burkholder’s can help with our clean room HVAC systems.

At Burkholder’s we can help you with the four rules of clean room applications. Those include: No introduction of contaminants from outside; no accumulation of contaminants in the clean room space; elimination of contaminants as quickly as possible; and no generation of contaminants from machinery. Although we cannot control the machinery in an environment, we can provide HVAC solutions like proper airflow streams, room pressurization and temperature, humidity control, and air filtration. We help you keep work areas free of paint, dust, debris, vapors, human skin flakes and oil, lint, hair, and more.

Our clean room HVAC services include:

  • Pressure differentials through HVAC systems
  • Airflow in specific volumes to help keep the room clean
  • Introducing outside air to prevent stagnant particles from accumulating
  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters
  • Temperature and humidity controls
  • Proper volumes of makeup air for positive pressurization
  • Maintenance of your clean room HVAC system even if Burkholder’s did not install it!

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