Commercial Duct Cleaning

Better Air Starts in the Ducts

Duct CleaningWith most of your employees spending the majority of their day indoors, it is important to keep your air ducts clean. Removing dust, pollen and dander from your ducts will reduce allergens and prevent mold growth, letting your building “breathe” easier.

Do you notice an excess amount of dust on your furniture and horizontal surfaces? Have you had your ductwork cleaned within the last four years? Perhaps it’s time to have the ducts cleaned. At Burkholder’s HVAC we want to help you keep your building clean and your employees healthy. Studies indicate that indoor air quality can be improved with regular duct cleanings, helping to eliminate Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) caused by contaminants in the air. However, keep in mind that all duct cleaning is not the same. Our system uses both the supply side and return side and creates a Positive-Negative environment, making about 200 pounds of compressed air per square inch to get your ducts clean.

We can also remove, clean and replace all duct and vent covers and inspect your system and make you aware of any issues that may cause problems now or in the future. Ideally your entire commercial heating and air conditioning system should be at the highest level of cleanliness.

DuctBenefits of our duct cleaning service includes:

  • Removal of pollen, dander, dust and indoor allergens
  • Improved of airflow in the ducts
  • Prevention of mold, bacteria, fungus and other microbes in the ductwork
  • A healthy environment for your employees
  • More efficient operation of your HVAC system

Learn About Rotorbrush Technology

Our new Rotobrush system is designed to eliminate the breeding ground for fungi, bacteria, mildew, and mold. This technology is the only self-contained system that simultaneously brushes and vacuums debris from your ductwork.