Hydronic System Installation

Warm Floors, Happy People

Hydronic heating has become more commonplace in commercial applications, with a variety of installation options for this efficient, low-temperature, comfortable heating alternative.

Burkholder’s HVAC has been on the cutting edge of alternative heating system installation in eastern PA for over 50 years. Hydronic heat, using warm water running through pipes in the floor, has become an efficient and cost-effective choice for commercial and industrial facilities. Using an industrial boiler and a variety of mixing valves and manifolds, low-temperature warm water is delivered to a series of flexible, durable “PEX” tubing running through the floors. Most commonly these tubes are embedded in an insulated, lightweight concrete slab for highest efficiency. Benefits of hydronic radiant floor heating from Burkholder’s HVAC include:

  • Energy savings by running lower water temperatures
  • Comfort level of employees as the heat stays concentrated near the floor
  • Effective heat disbursement through the slab
  • Experienced, factory trained installation technicians
  • Maintenance on your current hydronic heating system even if we did not install it!

Hydronic Systems Gallery