Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21 Industrial Building

PROJECT TYPE: Design Build

Burkholder's HVAC designed and installed all HVAC equipment for Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit's new 60,000 SF 3-story office building.

This 60,000 sq. ft., 3-story building is the new main office facility for Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21. The project’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing construction was a design-build project. Burkholder's HVAC designed and installed all of the HVAC equipment.

The HVAC system consists of five (5) large McQuay central station, variable volume, air handling units located in the attic mechanical space. These units have electric heating coils and chilled water coils. The chilled water source is a 200-Ton McQuay air-cooled chiller located outside with a remote indoor condenser to avoid the need to use glycol for freeze protection.

Individual space conditions are maintained by approximately one hundred (100) variable air volume boxes with electric heating coils. This allows for over two hundred fifty (250) employees to enjoy a comfortable workspace. The main temperature control system is a Johnson “FX” system that allows for full automation of all HVAC components and off-site monitoring via the internet.

The facility also has a large raised floor computer room that has temperature and humidity precisely controlled by two (2) 10-Ton CompuAire computer room air conditioning units.

One of the difficulties on this project was installing the five (5) air handling units in the tight attic mechanical room and basically threading the numerous duct mains through the trusses and down to the three (3) floors. All of the outside air, relief air and exhaust air for the building HVAC system went through large louvers installed in the seven (7) dormers on the roof.

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