Centre Square Commons

PROJECT TYPE: Plan and Spec

Burkholder's HVAC coordinated with multiple retailers to install 48 roof-top units at this newly built 5 building shopping center in Bluebell, Pennsylvania.

Aerial Video Footage of Site:

Centre Square Commons is a 5 building shopping center that has the capacity to house several retail stores and an anchor store.

This project has 48 rooftop units ranging from 4 ton to 10-ton capacity and 1-Seasons 4 unit for the anchor store providing 34 tons of cooling and 3- 90+ gas furnaces with A/C.

On building 2, Burkholder's lifted and set 21 rooftop units in 5 hours. To do this, they used one tractor-trailer with 20 units and a small pickup truck with trailer with one unit and loose boxes, a 70 crane, and 6 men.

With having so many retailers involved in this project, the biggest challenge is coordination between vendors, truck drivers, and the crane company to have all of the equipment on-site at the right time for installation.

Centre Square Commons Gallery