Hugh Moore Park

PROJECT TYPE: Plan and Spec
INDUSTRY TYPE: Hotel and Recreational

Burkholder's HVAC installed fourteen water source heat pumps, six geothermal wells, and two steam humidifiers at the Hugh Moore Park Canal Museum in Easton, Pennsylvania.

The National Canal Museum, located in the center of Hugh Moore Park in Easton, Pennsylvania interprets the history and culture of canals and how they were built through exhibits and hands-on activities. The museum houses scale models of boats and tools used in the boat-building business.

This was an engineer designed plan and spec project by Snyder Hoffman Associates consisting of fourteen Trane water source heat pumps connected to six geothermal vertical closed-loop wells providing 39 tons of cooling and 3,320,000 BTUs of heating. Climate control is achieved with 7-day programmable thermostats.

There are two Nortec steam humidifiers for required humidity control of the 2nd-floor Archives Room.

There was approximately 1,000 ft. of copper pipe, 600 ft. of black steel pipe with mechanical fittings and 13,500 lbs. of fabricated sheet metal used for this project.

One of the challenges was the installation of two 60” exterior gable wall louvers 35 ft. up providing ventilation of fresh air into the building. Also, the Epicore Metal Deck System with its dovetail ribbing proved challenging to hang the piping and ductwork from. Another challenge (since this project was during the winter) was contending with the ever-changing weather.

The project was managed well by Miller, Miller & McLachlan Construction, as was overall communication between all trades and subcontractors who worked on this project.

Hugh Moore Park Gallery