Lake Naomi Community Center

PROJECT TYPE: Design Build
INDUSTRY TYPE: Hotel and Recreational

Burkholder's HVAC designed and installed the HVAC equipment for this 40,000 SF community center that included an indoor swimming pool, spa, gym, tennis court, activity rooms, fitness center, café, and a great room lounge.

Lake Naomi is an upscale residential community situated around a lake once used for ice harvesting. The Lake Naomi Community Center is an all-in-one, 40,000 sq. ft. facility with indoor swimming pool, spa, gymnasium, tennis court, activity rooms, fitness center, café and a great room lounge.

The HVAC portion of the project was design/build by Burkholder's Heating & Air Conditioning. We were awarded the project late after another mechanical contractor was removed from the project. The building was being erected when we started our design and we had to catch up quickly to meet the aggressive construction schedule of the general contractor, Ondra Huyett Associates.

The majority of the building is conditioned by a 75-Ton VAV system consisting of a Trane air handling unit and remote condensing unit. There are twenty four (24) zones of temperature control from VAV boxes with hot water coils. The facility is heated by propane gas boilers and cooled by DX condensing units. There is a second floor mechanical room that houses the boilers, pumps, heat exchangers and air handling units.

The gymnasium is handled by a separate Trane 50-Ton air handling unit with a remote condensing unit. Exposed spiral duct distributes the air throughout the gym. Close coordination was required between duct locations, basketball backstops and tennis court boundaries.

The pool system required the use of a dehumidification unit manufactured by Dectron. This unit was designed to reduce pool space humidity thus eliminating condensation on windows and structure and reduce possible deterioration of building components. The pool roof deck and truss structure were constructed entirely of wood. This was another major concern for keeping the humidity levels stable to avoid excessive expansion and possible future rotting.

The spiral duct distribution required critical placement of supply air registers to wash windows and under side of roof to avoid condensation forming on the colder surfaces. The aquatics/spa also has a smaller version Dectron dehumidification unit.

Lake Naomi Community Center Gallery