Humidity Control

Proper Humidity Equals Comfort

Dry air or humid air can cause all kinds of problems in your commercial building. Improperly controlled air can make people uncomfortable and add to problems with equipment. Let Burkholder’s HVAC help you to get your humidification under control.

At Burkholder’s HVAC we use the latest technology to keep the humidification in the air at a proper level for the given environment. Depending on whether it is the air in an office or in a computer room, the needs for humidification are very different. Improper humidification can cause discomfort or even damage equipment.

We can help you with a variety of humidification needs including:

  • Compressed air/water air handlers and dispersion systems
  • Conditioned steam injection
  • Steam-to-steam humidifiers
  • Steam dispersion systems
  • Humidor rooms

Burkholder’s even offers repair services and a custom built maintenance plan for your humidification system, even if we did not install it! For questions regarding your commercial humification needs, call us or send us a RFQ!

Humidification Gallery