VRV System Installation

Versatile Multi-Split Systems

VRV Systems (Variable Refrigerant Volume) are often referred to as ‘split systems’ with an external condensing/heat pump and an indoor cooling and heating unit. If your company runs one of these multi-split HVAC systems, Burkholder’s HVAC can help with installation, replacement, and maintenance of these versatile VRV systems.

Our experience with multi-split systems includes hundreds of installations and we are responsible for keeping these units up and running in commercial buildings throughout eastern Pennsylvania. By incorporating a combination of indoor and outdoor units into the design, we can help you determine the best solution to keep everyone at your facility comfortable all year, regardless of the season! With a properly installed VRV system, we can even recover the heat rejected from one unit to provide heating in other areas of your facility. Our systems include:

  • Indoor units available in floor-standing and wall mounted options
  • Outdoor units with the option of heat recovery of exhausted air
  • Versatile installation options
  • A variety of configurations to meet your specific heating and cooling needs
  • Factory-trained installers and technicians
  • Service and Maintenance on all units, whether we install them or not!

VRV System Gallery