Variable Air Volume Systems

Controlled Comfort

As costs to heat and cool commercial spaces continue to increase, energy efficient systems are required to keep costs down and keep employees comfortable. A V.A.V. system from Burkholder’s HVAC can help.

Most commercial spaces are separated into a variety of offices, production spaces, storage, and more. Each of those spaces demands a diffferent air temperature to keep people in that space most comfortable. A VAV system is the perfect solution, offering delivery of the proper volume of air to heat or cool a specific space. Though pneumatic systems are commonplace in many buildings, electronic direct digital control (DDC) systems are becoming more popular and easier to install, regardless of the size of the application.

Burkholder’s HVAC can help you choose the right VAV system for your business and install components to help you monitor performance from your computer, tablet or phone! Learn how you can lower your energy costs with a properly installed VAV system, which includes:

  • Reduced costs through efficient delivery of cool and warm air
  • Performance monitoring with DDC solutions
  • The ability to manage systems remotely from a computer or mobile device
  • Happier employees working in a comfortable space
  • Full service and maintenance on your system even if Burkholder’s did not install it!