Industrial Ventilation Systems

Keep The Bad Stuff Out!

Burkholder’s helps keep your workers safe by designing and installing industrial ventilation systems to remove airborne toxins and replace them with clean air.

Industrial environments are bound to have contaminants in the air. A properly installed and maintained industrial ventilation system will help keep the air clean and replace dangerous toxins with healthy, purified air. Burkholder’s HVAC has installed industrial ventilation systems in buildings throughout eastern Pennsylvania and has the experience to create a healthy environment for your workers. We outfit your building with the latest ventilation technologies, including automated fans, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), humidification, ozone control, and exhaust systems.

Nothing is more important than the health of your workers, and Burkholder’s is here to help. Benefits of our industrial ventilation systems include:

  • A variety of choices, with a system designed specifically for your situation
  • Certified and trained technicians with experience in commercial ventilation
  • Full service and maintenance on your system, even if Burkholder’s HVAC did not install it!

Industrial Ventilation Gallery