Norac Bakerly

PROJECT TYPE: Design Build

Bakerly contracted Burkholder's HVAC to design and install the HVAC system for their first American manufacturing plant in Forks Township, Pennsylvania. The 79,160 SF facility makes French-inspired treats that are distributed nationwide.

Founded in the North West of France, Bakerly delivers American households traditional French-inspired bakery treats that are non-GMO and completely free of preservatives, artificial coloring, and flavoring. Bakerly brand products are considered the number one bakery snack in France.

One of the most challenging issues the Burkholder's crew faced on this project was the language barrier. Several pieces of equipment were imported from Germany and France. A German installation crew traveled overseas to install a 110 Foot Long Oven. Thanks to phone translation apps, both crews were able to communicate and successfully complete the installation.

Equipment used in this project includes:

Two indoor packaged air handling units for distribution of air through duct sox (one 25 ton and one 10 ton)

Two gas-fired make-up air units: servicing the main production and sanitation room

Four gas-fired rooftop units (two 7.5 ton and two 5 ton) servicing office spaces and dry storage room

Four tankless water heaters used for wash down areas

Six gas-fired unit heaters ranging from 100,000 to 400,000 BTU

Numerous roof mounted supply and exhaust fans

Plant aluminum pipe compressed air distribution system for owner supplied air compressors

Norac Bakerly