Orasure Dry Clean Room

PROJECT TYPE: Design Build

Burkholder's HVAC designed and built a system for a pharmaceutical dry clean room space that required components to maintain critical temperatures and humidity control to store fluid specimens.

Orasure Technologies is a local pharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures oral fluid specimen devices for many diagnostic tests and diseases.

Due to FDA requirements, all production needs to be done in Clean Room environments meeting critical design requirements. The Clean Room space that Burkholder's Heating & Air Conditioning was contracted to design and build was a class 100K with low humidity requirements of 25% RH (relative humidity) or less. This required the main HVAC system to be a custom-built desiccant dehumidification unit built by the Munters Corporation. Due to the size of this unit, it had to be installed outside the building on grade steel. Two (2) McQuay condensing units were connected to this unit to supply the DX cooling.

The Clean Room space required a high rate of air changes per hour in the room and all supply air was delivered into the room through laminar flow ceiling diffusers with HEPA filters. Return air registers were installed low on the walls around the room to ensure total room cleanliness.

A large electric duct heater was installed to provide reheat capability to maintain the critical space temperature of 68°F +/- 5°.

A DDC temperature control system was engineered and installed to control all the various equipment and components to maintain the Clean Room space critical temperature and humidity requirements.

The Dry Clean Room provided by Burkholder's Heating & Air Conditioning’s design helps allow Orasure to remain a leader in its field.

Orasure Dry Clean Room